We are putting purpose at the core of what we do at WAD to make a difference along the D2C and in our communities. Our goal is to create the D2C of the future to help our customers navigate the digital economy and to improve the lives of one billion people in the D2C.
We know we cannot do this alone and are using our convening power through our global networks, to enable collaboration and partnerships to make positive impacts that are scalable and sustainable.

We launched the WAD in 2016. By leveraging thinking, technology and our networks, we want to channel our impact to create solutions for today’s issues and build a better future.

We’re excited about what the future holds and how our connected world can be harnessed for radical, scalable change.
We operate one of the most extensive D2C in the world.
Leveraging our extensive global reach, depth of experience, market knowledge and technologies, we help brands and cell markets respond quickly to evolving consumer and production trends.

Using our convening power, we bring together diverse players in the D2C. This system is a powerful platform to enact change in the D2C for the benefit of our industry. We make to exist “SHARE THE LOVE”

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